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for Women by Women, now is our time
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Taking Our Power Back By Writing & Sharing Our Stories

We define ourselves through our life stories. Now is the time for find our voices, tell our stories and be heard. Our voices of compassion and courage are needed to navigate the challenges we face in our lives, our communities, and our planet.

Let’s put aside the myth of white-washed fairy tales and tell the truth of what our lives look like.

Telling the story alone is not healing; it is your journey to healing



Our past experiences and living environment push us to build walls of protection. We continue to fortify them throughout our lives with the stories we continue to tell ourselves. Stories of the past live on in us long after the cause and effect are gone. Over the years our walls and defense mechanisms stay in tact and limit or sabotage our personal and professional lives. Realizing we’ve built these walls is the first step to breaking them down. Being unable to let go of the story drains our power.  Stories of the past live on in us long after the experiences we had that made us build up the walls; our protective patterns have long outlived their use. We continue to telling and retelling the story keeping our perceived version alive.  Writing can be a powerful tool to heal our wounds and further our growth.

Healing & Transformation


Healing and Transformation are possible by working through the pain and changing our perspective from within. By making meaning out of memories we can heal and empower ourselves. Writing our stories can enable us to rewrite and redirect the story of our lives, piecing together stories of the past enables us to rewrite and redirect – heal, transform, and grow .

“Stories are medicine.” – Women Who Run With the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

The Story Cooperative

The Story Cooperative, For Women By Women offers a home to write your story. Whether you want to just write it for yourself or share and read others’ stories, you’ll find the tools, inspiration, and motivation you need here.  I’ve created this as a safe space to find your voice; in your story you’ll find YOU, your POWER, your TRUTH.

Do you need to tell your personal story? Do you have a story or family story that will encourage and empower other women? What stories have helped you evolve? 

The Fire & The Talking Stick

In our family, many of our stories have been told and retold around a bonfire on the riverbank; sometimes passing the Talking Stick to be heard without interruption. This is a treasured tradition since the beginning of time. Consider this space your bonfire. Feel the warmth of the fire bringing comfort and security. Hear the crackle of the coals and flames sparking your interest and releasing your bravery to embrace this opportunity to write it out, get it down, so that you can finally set it afire and release as ashes to the wind, or take hold of the talking stick and be heard.

Getting Started

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“There is a distinct difference between sharing your story and staying stuck in your story. They both offer the incentive to keep telling it. Only one has a happy ending. Compose your story wisely.” Torrey Shannon

Creator, Energy Alchemy School