Tools & Resources

Word Smithing

Do you struggle finding just the right words? Me too. To help fuel the writing process, I’ve created some quick reference word guides, Positive Feelings & Emotions and Negative Feelings & Emotions. My wish is that through this process you’ll be emboldended to turn the negatives into positives

Thought provoking questions

A Personal History Questionnaire and Soul Searching Questionnaire are designed to unlock memories, get the creative juices flowing, and bring form to your story.

A Family Questionnaire provides a starting point to ask questions of your family member to inspire stories and provide a life map.

Time lines

The idea to create a time line can best be explained through the words of Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. in Women Who Run With the Wolves as she describes the concept of Descansos:

“Descansos are symbols that mark a death. Women have died a thousand deaths before they are twenty years old. They’ve gone in this direction or that, and have been cut off. They have hopes and dreams that have been cut off also. To make descansos means taking a look at your life and marking where the small deaths, las muertes chiquitas, and the big deaths, las mueartes grandotas, have taken place. We mark where there were roads not taken, paths that were cut off, ambushes, betrayals and deaths. Where are the crosses? Where are the places that must be remembered and must be blessed?  Be gentle with yourself and make the descansos, the resting places for the aspects of yourself that were on their way to somewhere, but never arrived.  Descansos mark the death sites, the dark times, but they are also love notes to your suffering. They are transformative. There is a lot to be said for pinning things to the earth so they don’t follow us around. There is a lot to be said for laying them to rest.”